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Q: What is the Eastlink Fax-to-Email Service?

A: Eastlink Fax-to-Email Service will automatically forward all of your faxes to your existing e-mail address. No matter where you are, your faxes will be stored and waiting for you to read when you check your email.

Q: Do I need special software to read the faxes?

A: No. All you need is Windows™ 95/98/2000/XP, Windows™ NT or Macintosh™. The imaging application you require is usually included in your Windows™ operating system. If, for any reason, you do not have the necessary software, contact your operating system vendor. You can print the received faxes just as you would print any received mail document.

Q: Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?

A: No. All messages are stored in your e-mail account waiting for you to retrieve them. Receiving a fax is just as easy as receiving an email.

Q: How do I start using Fax-to-Email?

A: Contact your Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant to set up your Fax-to-Email account by providing your email address. The Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant will help you determine which option best suits your needs, set up the service on your account and supply you with your personal fax number. As soon as you receive your personal fax number you can distribute it to your clients. All you need to do to retrieve your messages is to check your email. The faxes will arrive as attachments to email messages.

Q: How does a fax get into my inbox?

A: A fax is sent to your Eastlink Fax-to-Email number from anywhere in the world. Eastlink automatically converts the fax into a graphic file and sends it to your email address. The email arrives in your inbox with your fax as an attachment, ready for you to open.

Q: Can Eastlink staff members read my faxes?

A: No. Our system is completely automated. Once the message arrives at your fax number, it is sent directly to your e-mail as an attachment. We do not store copies; so all your messages are completely private and secure.

Q: I already have a fax number. Can I make this my Fax-to-Email number?

A: Your existing fax number can be converted to the Fax-to-Email service. However, all emails sent to this number will then be sent directly to one email account. If this is a common fax number, you may not want to use this as your personal Fax-to-Email number.

Q: Can I receive more than one fax at the same time?

A: Yes. Your Fax-to-Email number is a "never-busy" number, which allows you to receive up to 3 simultaneous incoming faxes.

Q: Can I send a fax to two email addresses with Fax-to-Email?

A: Fax-to-Email allows you to receive faxes in one email inbox per Fax-to-Email number. With Fax-to-Email you are able to forward your faxes as many times as you like, just like regular email.

Q: I'm changing email addresses. Can I still receive Fax-to-Email?

A: If you are changing email addresses, just contact your Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant and they will update your Fax-to-Email account.

Q: The faxes I receive are typically 10-20 pages. How large will the file be and how long will it take to download?

A: A 10-page fax plus a cover page is approximately 320KB. The download time is determined by your Internet access speed. We recommend the use of a High Speed Internet service. 

Q: What are the technical requirements to begin using Eastlink Fax-to-Email?

A: An Eastlink Business Telephone account 
     An email account 
     A .tiff Viewer (included with most Windows TM installations)

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Fax-to-Email account?

A: If you experience technical difficulties with your Eastlink Fax-to-Email account please contact an Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant.

Q: Can I receive Fax-to-Email on a mobile device?

A: You can receive Eastlink Fax-to-Email service anywhere in the world that you have Internet access, access to your email inbox and your device supports .tiff attachments.