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Bringing Fibre Connectivity to Slave Lake

You now have access to a whole new world of products and services.

Investing in Your Community

Eastlink invests heavily in our Alberta communities. Together, we have completed a multi-million dollar fibre optic network upgrade, which has enabled us to bring you advanced Internet, TV and phone services.

All you have been asking for and more.

Stronger Together

LynxNet, with Eastlink, can now bring state-of-the-art, high capacity fibre optic connectivity to Slave Lake.

    Here are the exciting new products that are now available to you:

  • The fastest Internet (up to 400 Mbps) & WiFi speeds in Alberta
  • The ability to stream TV shows and movies to your computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Over 200 Brilliant HD channels
  • 10,000+ hours of free OnDemand TV programs, which you can watch anytime you like
  • Maestro DVR, which can pause live TV in any room and record up to 6 programs at once
  • New services like CraveTV™, SuperSports Package which includes NHL Centre Ice, and more
  • Reliable telephone with full 911 and long-distance services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the new services be available?
A. All advanced services are now available.

Q. What do I need to do?
A. You may need to update your online bill payment details. A small number of you may need to upgrade your TV or telephone equipment; this is at no cost to you. We will be contacting you by phone if your equipment still needs to be upgraded.
Please click here for more details or reference the Billing, Phone or TV sections below for more information.

Q. Who can I talk to?
A. Please call our Customer Service office at 780-849-5188 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00-4:30


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Q. Do I have to switch to the new services or can I keep my existing services?
A. You can choose to keep your existing services or switch to the new, advanced services; it's entirely up to you.

Q. Will my rates change on any of my services?
A. There may be some changes depending on whether you choose to switch to or add any of our new services. Please call 780-849-5188 or visit our local office for more details.

Q. Will I receive a new bill?
A. Yes, you should have received a new bill (Eastlink) with a new account number starting in July.


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Q. Will my billing change? When?
A. You should have received a new bill (Eastlink) with a new account number starting in July.

Q. If I already pay using pre-authorized, do I have to set that up again?
A. Your pre-authorized payment will continue uninterrupted.

Q. If I already have online banking, do I need to do anything?
A. Yes, if you already have online banking, you will need to add Eastlink as a new payee with your online banking and add your new account number.


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Q. Why don’t my phone features work the way they used to?
A. Our new, upgraded network enables new and different features including pressing *98 for voicemail. For more details, please call 780-849-5188.

Q. How can I access my voicemail?
A. You can access your voicemail by pressing *98.

Q. Can I access my old voicemails now that I have switched over?
A. Yes, you can press *40 to access old voicemails.


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Q. Will my remote control work the same or will it change?
A. Your remote control will continue to work as usual unless you upgrade your TV service to our new advanced TV services, in which case you will receive a new remote control.

Q. Do I need to change my TV equipment?
A. A relatively small number of you will need to upgrade your equipment. This will be at no cost to you. Most of these upgrades have already occurred. We will be contacting you by phone if we need to upgrade your equipment. For more information please call 780-849-5188 or visit us to arrange.

Q. Where can I access Video OnDemand?
A. You can access Video OnDemand by simply clicking the “VOD” or “On Demand” button on your remote control.

Q. I recorded programs using my DVR. Will I lose those titles/shows if I sign up to new TV service(s)?
A. You will only lose your titles/shows if you change your DVR equipment.

Q. Will there be any changes to existing LynxNet TV channels?
A. The following changes will be made to existing LynxNet TV channels.

Channel Broadcast Origination Changes:
The originating broadcast location for the following channels, has been changed to better align with Western Canada:
  • - ABC Spokane (KXLY) to ABC Seattle
  • - CBS Spokane (KREM) to CBS Seattle
  • - Family Channel East to Family Channel West
  • - FOX Rochester (WUHF) to FOX Detroit
  • - FOX Rochester HD to FOX Detroit HD
  • - FOX Spokane (KAYU) to FOX Seattle
  • - NBC Spokane (KHQ) to NBC Seattle
  • - PBS Spokane (KSPS) to PBS Seattle
  • - Teletoon East to Teletoon West
Channel Number Changes:
The following channel number changes have been made to simplify channel numbering:
  • - AMC has moved to 669
  • - MovieTime has moved to 691
  • - Stingray Music Channels can be found on channels 900 through 940
  • - Nat Geo Wild has moved to 784
  • - TSN HDs can be found on 707 to 711 and Sportsnet One HD is available on 704
  • - Pay-Per-View channels can be found on channels 275, 276, 277, HD 690
Channels No Longer Available: The following channels will no longer be available due to broadcast license regulations or same channels available.
  • - 24 Knowledge Network
  • - 106 NHL Network
  • - 107 GOL TV
  • - 150 Biography
  • - 153 Pet Network
  • - 310 CTV Regina
  • - 312 Global Saskatoon
  • - 323 Global Thunderbay
Digital Channels within channel number range of 602 to 655 have been moved to channel number 2 to 55.


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Q. Will my email address change?
A. No, your email address will remain the same.

Q. Will I be billed for data usage?
A. The monthly data allowances of the existing LynxNet Internet Service plans will remain the same. And now you will have the freedom and peace of mind knowing that any overages will 20 cents/GB up to a maximum of $10/month when you’re also a TV service customer, or up to maximum $30/month if you have our Internet service on its own.

Previously, your Internet data plan was $7.50 per 50 GB overage, up to a maximum of $70/month.

Q. Will I lose any of the streaming services I currently use if I switch over?
A. Your streaming services, like Netflix for example, should continue to work as normal.

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Incredibly FAST Internet

Speeds up to 400 Mbps. Our Internet, TV and Telephone Bundles come with our Super Fast Internet 50.

Unmatched TV

200+ HD channels, 10,000+ shows OnDemand, and Maestro DVR which lets you record 6 shows at once.*

Crystal-clear Digital Telephone

Existing Lynx Telephone customers will get free home equipment upgrades and convenient appointments.

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* A relatively small number of Lynx customers will need their in home equipment upgraded at no cost. We will reach out to you if you are one of those customers and make arrangements.