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Overages are over.
Introducing Worry-Free Data.

Say goodbye to unexpected Data charges and never worry about Data overages again. We notify you when you reach 75% and 100% of your Data limit. We pause your Data when you reach 100%, then you choose the best option for you:

  • Add additional data with a 1 GB or 2 GB data top-up
  • Continue to use your Data at pay-per-use rates
  • Select a new plan that includes additional Data
  • Use WiFi-only until your next billing cycle begins
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Google Play Store

Exisiting Customers can opt-in.

Available at no additional charge to all Eastlink customers who sign-up. If you activated your Eastlink Wireless account prior to November 17, 2016, please visit Self-Care to opt-in to Worry-Free Data

Eastlink’s new mobile app.

You can now access Self Care on our new mobile app, which is available on the App Store or in Google Play. It allows you to track your Nationwide Data in real time – anytime and top-up at your convenience. The app also allows you to view your current Wireless bill, manage your account, add travel packs, and much more.

Cell Phone with gears

Build your own
personalized plan.

Choose the Data Plus Plan and
Smartphone that’s right for you.

Cell Phone with gears

Determine your
Data needs.

Try our Data Calculator to help
you choose the right Data plan
for your needs.

Worry-Free Data FAQ's

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All activations on, or after Nov. 17, 2016, will automatically come with Worry-Free Data. If you activated before Nov.17, 2016 you can use the Eastlink mobile app, or Self-Care website to update your profile to opt-in to Worry-Free Data. You can also always call Eastlink for more information by dialing *611 on your cellphone.

You can download it now from Google Play on your Android smartphone and from the App Store for your Apple iPhone.

i. Add a data top-up. If you use all the Data top-up, then the data will pause again. You’ll also receive 75% and 100% Data alerts on your top-ups too.

ii.Change your monthly service plan, so you have more Data each month.

Go with Pay-per-use Data by going into the Worry-Free Plan Options in Self-Care and selecting update on “No Plan Limit”.

If you choose Pay-per-use, it becomes your permanent setting and will apply until you update your settings in Self-Care. This means Worry-Free Data will no longer pause your Data when all of your plan or travel-pack Data is used.
If you are sharing Data on your account and want Worry-Free Data, every person on the account should be set to Worry-Free Data “ON”. (This is the default for new activations after November 17, 2016)

: If you are sharing and want Worry-Free on some of the lines on your account but not on all, and you choose to set Worry-Free Data to “ON” for only some lines on your account, then those with Worry-Free “ON” are still able to use the additional Data available to the other lines on your account. For example, the lines with Worry-Free Data set to “ON” would be able to use the $50 of pay-per-use Data or Data top-ups available to the other lines on the account because of Data sharing feature on your account. To discuss your options and for additional detail, please call Eastlink by dialing *611 on your wireless phone.

Your phone will pause Travel Data use at $0. You can then add a travel-pack, or select one of the pay-per-use options, either “$100 Travel Limit” or “No Travel limit,” within the Worry-Free Travel Options section on the Eastlink mobile app or the Eastlink Self-Care website.  

: If you have not expressly selected either a travel-pack, or authorized pay-per-use Travel Data, you will not receive a notification when your Worry-Free Travel Data is paused.

It’s always free. There are no Data charges when you use the Eastlink mobile app to view usage, update settings, or make other changes to your account, anywhere in the world.

Worry-Free Data pauses your Data when all of your plan or travel-pack data is used. Then you can choose how you would like to get additional Data.

Whomever has the Data on their account will get the alerts regardless of who is using the Data on a shared account.

If multiple people have their own Data on a shared account, each person will receive an alert as they approach the limits on their Data.
Note: Only the account holder or a person that the account holder has expressly authorized to make changes to the account have permission to add Data Top-ups, Travel Data, to authorize pay-per-use Data, or to change Worry-Free settings. If you are not the account holder or an authorized on your account other you will need to contact them for information on your usage and options.