At Eastlink, we take the issue of Cyberbullying very seriously. is an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

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Unlike Cyberbullying

The Cyberbullying Project is an initiative of the Government of Nova Scotia.

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What is Cyberbullying

  • Cyberbullies intimidate or humiliate others through technology like text messages, online videos, and sites like Facebook™ and Twitter™
  • Tens of thousands of Canadians are affected each month
  • A cyberbullying attempt can torment victims for years as comments and videos posted online are hard to remove

How to avoid playing a part

  • Don’t be a cyberbully: Commenting on or sharing humiliating messages, videos and posts is cyberbullying
  • Protect yourself: Password protect your phone and don’t send pictures or messages unless you are comfortable with everyone seeing them
  • Protect your privacy: Personal information posted online can stay there forever. Internet and cellphone service providers cannot take down Facebook™ pages, Twitter™ accounts or YouTube™ videos

How to get help

  • Talk to your parents, teachers, friends and other people you can trust
  • Eastlink Wireless customers who are having trouble with cyberbullies can call to have their number changed for free, 1-888-345-1111 or *611 from your Eastlink Wireless phone.
  • Ask social site providers like Facebook™ and Twitter™ for help shutting down cyberbullying accounts