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November 5, 2013

Consumers about to get a lot more from their Internet experience

Halifax, NS – Consumers are about to get a lot more from their internet experience. Eastlink’s new "Internet Evolved" appreciates the continuously evolving needs of the consumer with new products like Personal Cloud and reliable WiFi in every nook and cranny of the home, inside and out.

“People spend more time on the internet today than ever before,” says Lee Bragg, Eastlink CEO.  “They’ve gone from spending an hour or so a day to up to four hours a day, not including work. There used to be one computer connection and one person online at a time in the home. Now, the average home has nine connected devices and the whole family is online.”

Consumers have evolved from simply surfing the web to doing virtually everything online, from watching video to sharing photos and more, from getting their news to doing their banking, from catching up with friends and family to catching up on their favourite TV series or sporting events.

Mr. Bragg explains, “Of course, people want the ability to access the all of their favorite services on the internet instantly. We have a long history of continuously investing to deliver the speed our customers need, but we know from our customers that it’s about that and much more. And that’s where we believe we have a strong advantage.”

Consumers are looking for accessible, reliable service across all their communication and entertainment devices and practical solutions to common problems like:

  • The ability to back up, store, and access digital files from anywhere
  • Reliable WiFi everywhere in the home
  • Protection of PCs and Macs
  • Support for all electronic devices and equipment
  • The right speed to do all the things they want and need to do online 

Eastlink’s Internet Evolved delivers an internet experience that provides consumers with:

  • the ability to access, backup and share photos and more instantly, on any device with Eastlink Personal Cloud

500 million pictures are saved and/or shared every day globally

Consumers have more connected devices in the home than ever before

Today’s home has an average of nine connected devices which includes at least one cell phone; almost half of those households have one or more tablets with PCs still outnumbering Macs by almost six to one

  • WiFi where they want and need it with Eastlink WiFi Extender enabling customers to boost their WiFi to hard-to-reach areas with a seamless connection to all WiFi devices

o   Internet connectivity in today’s home is largely via WiFi; in fact, almost 90 per cent of households now have WiFi

o   In most households, WiFi is always on, which means consumer expectations continue to rise making WiFi key to a great internet experience

o  The internet experience can be affected by modem placement, age of the modem (half of WiFi equipment in the home is over four years old), age of devices, size of the home and home construction etc.

  • a whole new level of service to help them navigate all the technology in their home including 24/7 support for Smart TVs, computer viruses, software upgrades, printers and more with Eastlink MyTech Guru

The complexity of all the technology in today’s typical home can be overwhelming

Amost four in ten (38 per cent) households have had a major technical issue(s) in the past 12 months

When combined with virus issues, more than half of all households have had to deal with some computer-related issue(s) in the last year.

  • protection for both PC and Mac on up to five computers combating viruses, spyware and other threats that put computers at risk with Eastlink Internet Security Services

With the mix and volume of connected devices in the home, the cost and complexity of keeping personal information safe and devices running smoothly continues to grow

Consumers are looking for protection that is seamless with automatic security updates, robust parental controls and protection on all of their devices


About Eastlink:
As the largest family owned and operated telecommunications company in Canada, Eastlink delivers world-class video entertainment and communications services to residential, business and public sector customers across Canada.

Powered by state-of-the-art fibre optic and wireless networks, Eastlink’s advanced services include Unmatched TV featuring Personal Picks, Maestro DVR and Video OnDemand, Internet Evolved including Personal Cloud services, wireless featuring nationwide calling, competitive local and long distance telephone, home security and automation, data communications and exclusive, locally produced programming on Eastlink TV.

Eastlink is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies at the platinum level with operations in Nova Scotia, PEI, NL, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia via sister companies Coast Cable and Delta Cable as well as Bermuda.

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