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WiFi solutions designed for Your home

WiFi Optimization

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WiFi Optimization for your home

What is WiFi Optimization?

Not every home is created the same, nor should every WiFi solution. Your WiFi Network can be affected by several factors such as the structure of your home and varying sources of environmental signal interference. Eastlink's NEW WiFi Optimization is a unique service in which an Eastlink WiFi Network Expert visits your home to provide an unmatched WiFi experience.

We'll go Beyond

Our WiFi experts will take their time and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure all of your WiFi devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more are configured to automatically connect anywhere in the home including the garage, basement, and the back deck.

WiFi Optimization Service
WiFi Optimization for your devices


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The Benefits

  • On-Site Optimization
    Our experts will install and configure any required WiFi Enhancement products to fully optimize your home WiFi Network. These WiFi Enhancement products are available if required on a monthly rental basis of $3 per unit.
  • WiFi Report
    We will leave behind a "WiFi before and after report" for your reference.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    Our WiFi Optimization service is guaranteed for 30 days, and is supported 24/7 by our technical support experts.

How is WiFi Interference Caused?

Competing WiFi Networks

Competing WiFi Networks

If tuned to the same frequency as your own, neighbouring WiFi networks may cause interference and decrease the performance of your local network.

Cordless Phones

Some cordless phones may operate on the same frequency as your WiFi network, which may compromise your WiFi signal strength when in use.

Cordless Phones
Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

Just like cordless phones, most baby monitors operate on the same 2.4GHz frequency as many WiFi networks. Given the constant connection between monitor and receiver, these devices can affect your WiFi network.


Older or poorly-shielded microwaves create a great amount of electromagnetic interference, causing transmission problems for many wireless devices. Modern microwaves should not present any considerable problems to your network.

Wireless Security Equipment

Wireless Security Equipment

Wireless cameras and motion sensors may cause significant interference for your WiFi network.

Monitors, TVs & Game Consoles

Unshielded wireless monitors, TVs and game consoles can cause signal interference. For best WiFi performance, do not place your WiFi access point directly next to any of these wireless devices.

Monitors, TVs & Game Consoles
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*Subscription to Eastlink WiFi or Maestro service required. Minimum system requirements apply. Range of coverage may be affected by network conditions and environmental factors, including interference, building materials and construction, obstructions and other adverse conditions. Taxes are extra.