Rural Connect

Eastlink's Rural Connect, previously known as Rural Broadband (BRNS), is a service available in the underserved rural areas of Annapolis, Hants, Digby, Yarmouth, Queens, Lunenburg, Shelburne and Kings Counties.


  • Good for basic Internet needs like e-mail, general Web browsing, access to Government Services, social media, and some video services
    • $46.95 per month*
    • Not designed to be used for large volumes of SD/HD video streaming over internet applications that require larger capacity networks
    • Download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps**
    • Upload speeds up to 500 Kbps**
  • 15 GB monthly Included Usage
    • $2 per GB applies thereafter (up to a maximum of $20)
    • For more details call 1-877-737-2525
    • Learn about Internet usage
    • Check your usage
      • Your Data Plan monthly usage period will now be the same as your billing period.
      • You will be able to securely check your data plan usage from anywhere through My Account.
      • Login and select Data Usage Details on the dashboard.
      • You will receive an email alert when you reach 100% of your monthly Data Plan.
  • Up to 5 e-mail addresses
    • Access your Eastlink e-mail from anywhere
    • Anti-SPAM and virus filter on Eastlink e-mail included
  • 24/7 customer support

  • *Professional installation of $99.95 applies. Upload and download speeds can be affected by computer set-up, Internet traffic or other factors. Some conditions apply. All prices are before taxes.

    **Rural Connect Internet utilizes technology which delivers a shared internet experience. In an effort to promote fair and equal access to the service for all users, Eastlink has established a Rural Connect Internet Traffic Management Policy to manage excessive usage as a result of Peer to Peer Traffic or Streaming Video Applications. Customers using these applications will experience maximum speeds of 128 kbps download and 80 kbps upload for Peer to Peer Traffic and 500 kbps download and 500 kbps upload for Streaming Video Applications. For more information related to our traffic management policy, please refer to our Rural Connect Acceptable Use Policy


Tips To Help Manage Usage

The following tips are designed to help customers avoid unwanted additional usage.

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is password-protected. This will prevent others from affecting included usage.
  • Install anti-virus / anti-spam software to prevent erroneous usage.
  • Turn off video autoplay on Facebook and other sites such as YouTube, which automatically play video.
    • Login and go to Facebook ‘settings’, click on the ‘videos’ tab on the bottom left margin, select option to disable auto-play in the dropdown menu on the right.
    • Move the Autoplay slider on YouTube, so it appears as follows: Autoplay Off
  • Netflix tip:
    • You can Manage Netflix Bandwidth Usage by changing the video quality settings to Low or Medium to consume less data.

How can I track my data plan usage?

To monitor your data use and to see how many days are left in your Data Plan period, please login into MyAccount and click on Data Usage Details within the Dashboard tab.

Please note: As of November 2016, your “Data Plan period” is the same as your normal billing period.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Internet Usage is the total amount of data sent and received by all devices connected to the Internet in your home. Data is transferred with all your regular Internet activities, such as surfing the web, and sending emails.

Included usage is the amount of data transfer per month, measured in gigabytes or GB’s, an internet service provider includes in your internet plan. For Rural Connect customers the Included Usage is 15 GB.

As of November 2016, your Internet Data Plan usage period is aligned with your normal Eastlink monthly statement billing period. For example, if your monthly statement date is December 10th, your Data Plan usage period is from November 6th to December 5th.

To monitor your data use more closely, please login to MyAccount and click on Data Usage Details within the Dashboard tab.

No. You can continue to use the Rural Connect service as normal.

You will be billed for additional usage on the statement after your usage period.

Additional usage will appear as “Internet Usage” under the Internet Services section of your monthly statement.

Eastlink is implementing a maximum overage charge of $20/month for those that exceed their 15 GB Usage amount.

No. Your usage allowance applies to each billing period, and is reset each billing period month.

No, an unlimited service would conflict with the purpose of monthly usage, which is to help congested areas in an effort to give Rural Connect customers a better overall experience.

Your monthly statement includes any additional usage charges from your previous billing period month of service. If you have exceeded the included usage amount in a billing period, it does not get billed until the following period. The usage tool allows you to get a good understanding of your online activity and the impact on your next month’s statement.

No, Rural Connect Internet Usage is only being implemented in Nova Scotia at this time

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